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Nayaz Variety provides a unique, convenient, and one of a kind mobile shopping experience for assisted living facilities & elderly communities. we pride ourselves in offering quality service and products while serving with love.

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Nayaz Variety, established in 2016, has been growing rapidly with our specialty in servicing this niche community. Often rehab patients’, the disabled, and seniors’ shopping needs are hard to manage, but we are here to reform their communities by GUARANTEEING to get them what they need, when they need it. Nayaz Variety would like to provide you a solution to the basic shopping needs of your residents/clients. We plan to maximize the vision and reputation of not just our company, but yours as well with our unique services.

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Our Company 

Nayaz Variety serves an innovative and unique perspective on consistently seeking to fill the gap between seniors and convenience by including them into our ‘easy to navigate’ world of tech. We partner with nursing homes, senior day centers, senior apartments, home health care agencies and all else senior related with the intention of increasing the rapid growth of our impact in the senior community in addition to fulfilling our vow in providing quality services, quality products and great customer experiences one- hundred percent of the time. 

We know all of who we serve, experience many different backgrounds, affairs and environments but the team at Nayaz works together in order to ensure we provide what service better fits our seniors to the best of our ability. 

We Value:

  • Integrity
  • Doing what’s right
  • Creating less hassle 
  • Confident humility
  • Cheerful giving
Desiree Langford

About the founder.

Nayaz Variety is led by Desiree Langford, who for 13 years has been exploring many ventures in Entrepreneurship. She excels in the field of communication, innovation and problem solving with her diverse skill and background in photography to event coordination to designing, and much more.

Before founding what we now call ‘Nayaz Variety’, Desiree worked hand and hand and hands on, in Senior facilities with her mobile store ‘Nayaz Boutique’ where she sold more fashion forward merchandise at the time. Aside from customers requesting more of her usual inventory they ask for items that required her to personally shop. The question started to be asked more and more leading Desiree to clearly see the disconnect in convenience for seniors to get what they need when they need it. 

Having learned multiple valuable lessons on what to do and what not to do when it comes to leading a company Desiree instantly knew she was ready to begin transitioning the business  in order to scale in 2016. After a minimal advertisement on social media, Facility Directors began reaching out to Nayaz Variety in search of what services we could best contribute for their residents. Seeing the impact and reaction of simply supplying these items to our partnered facilities grew her confidence as a giver, a businesswoman and passion to want to make this expand. This business has now taken priority over her others and as of January 2020, Nayaz Variety holds over 2500 products. She is happy to be an advocate and personal care supplier for the senior and disabled community. She can genuinely and proudly say that she wants to continue to grow this business nationally and be able to reach as many facilities and senior residents as possible.

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Shop Online at Nayaz Variety
Shop Online at Nayaz Variety

We know it takes a village.

There is an amazing amount to be done and we know it takes a village, but we know with your help we can sustain unlimited growth to get our message and service nationwide. We have had an amazing journey to where we are today and we are 100% willing and able to provide professional efficient service and quality products to all in need.

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